7 common slip-ups that might ruin your wedding

3rd September, 2013

7 common slip-ups that might ruin your wedding

Well, all of us are bound to make mistakes at some point and if you are busy in managing everything that’s going on at your wedding, you might overlook the obvious. Thankyou would like to help! Here are the things you should never let happen at the wedding.

Being late for your wedding

This is not only inconsiderate to your guests and your future spouse, it also causes chaos among your vendors! The food gets cold, your ice sculptures melt and photographers will need more time to get the still shots for your wedding album! If you’re gonna be late, it better be because of something you can never control – like a storm or any force majeure.

“Wardrobe malfunction”

Check your wedding dress in a mirror and in various lighting prior to the ceremony to ensure that it isn’t invisible or sheer in certain conditions. If you plan to rent a tux, check for rips and make sure it fits before bringing it home.  Check all buttons and zippers on your wedding ensemble and keep a wedding emergency kit close by in case there’s a mishap.

Inviting your ex.

No. Don’t. It will make everyone uncomfortable. Also, make sure that your wedding party knows your betrothed’s name! (it happens!) Make sure you introduce them okay?

Not knowing who has the ring.

Ha, this happens a lot! Your bestman is supposed to be in charge of the rings, but he forgot and left them in his other coat. Or,  maybe your ring bearer is only seven years old and has had fun playing with them! Do a spot check before you get to the aisle and avoid that awkward moment that might ruin your big day!

Not enough food and drinks.

You’ve finalised your guest list, so you know how many people are expected. Speak to your catering service to make sure there will be enough for everyone and create a plan for extras – just in case!

Speaking while intoxicated.

If you are planning to give a speech to your guests, do it before you hit the bar! You’ll thank yourself later when you get to watch your wedding video and it’ll save you the apologies to the people you don’t remember berating.

Failing to thank your guests.

Your guests have traveled far to celebrate your marriage and even brought you gifts. Never ever leave the reception without thanking them!

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