6 Huge Wedding Trends in 2016

28th December, 2015

6 Huge Wedding Trends in 2016

It’s been a great 2015 for weddings and fashion trends and now that it’s a few more days to a new year, we all ask what will be trending in 2016 when it comes to weddings. Designers have made their exciting predictions and there is no doubt that weddings next year will be fabulous! If you are getting married next year and are on the wedding planning track, check these out:

  1. Metallic colors. No matter what theme you go for in 2016, many designers predict rose gold might just show up in every wedding factor – even on food and drinks! Shiny icings on desserts and rose-hued thirst quenchers…. Sounds lovely!

  2. Romantic lighting. In order to create a romantic ambience, lighting plays a huge part in that environment. It is the best way to establish this. Many event designers choose pendant lights, chandeliers and candelabras to cast a soft glow on the venue.

  3. Non-floral centerpieces. Blooming branches (cherry blossom, crab apple) and flowering plants are creative centerpieces. If you wish to make this budget-friendly, crepe paper flowers and sparkly jewels will do the trick!

  4. Funky fonts and glitzy invitations. Metallic colors, shimmer, glitter and sparkle! Talk about copper and rose gold hues in wedding invitations. Using different types of fonts on the invitations add personality and uniqueness in your invites.

  5. Multiple entertainment options. Gone are the days when couples choose between a band or a DJ.  Couples now see an opportunity to bring in different entertainers – a cabaret singer for the cocktail hour, a retro orchestra at the reception dinner and a rock band or DJ to keep the party all night long.

  6. Action photos and wedding highlights video. Images that tell a story are the trend – doors opening slowly for the bride, dance floor aerial shots, mum and dad wiping tears.  And since social media is still the quickest and best way to share your special day to others, couples are requesting short highlight videos of their wedding that can be easily shared online.

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