5 Unique gifts for your guys

15th July, 2013

5 Unique gifts for your guys

Ladies, would you agree that when it comes to gifting, we like how easy it is to shop for our boyfriends or husband? Yep, men are generally low-maintenance when it comes to gifts. You can simply slap a bow on a bottle of great wine, get an iTunes gift card or bake something delightful and they’d be happy (well mostly!).

However,what  if he has all the latest gadgets and toys and a tie won’t cut it for your big anniversary? Or what if you are simply bored with the usual gifts? Thankyou has some ideas for you! Check these out:

For the Brainiac:

Get him a personally curated book collection! You may never keep up with everything that he’s reading, but this will keep your bookworm guy happy. Find a good book shop in town or online and provide particular information (author, topics or titles) and they’ll put together a collection of unique tomes. They may even include one that’s already out of print!

For the eco-friendly mountaineer:

You’ll find his backpack always full and ready to go, but if he’s  the type who enjoys the great outdoors without hurting it, he will dig a fantastic camping gadget that folds and fits into his pack – a pack and carry fire pit! He will be very eager to try it out, so, throw in a bag of marshmallows!

For the switched on shutterbug:

Oh, so he can’t help snapping photos everywhere huh? The latest camera models will definitely fit them –  cameras that can take high definition photos and videos, Wi-fi enabled and have a myriad of techie attributes over which any shutterbug can geek out.

For the stat-reciting sports superfan:

He can’t help but yell at the telly whenever the game is on. Add a little more excitement to the sports fiend when he receives his favorite player’s or team’s signed memorabilia!

For the ‘top chef’:

We love guys who can cook and if he’s one who can give any celebrity chef a run for their celebrated careers, he will definitely enjoy cool gadgets like molecular gastronomy kits that will take his cooking to the next level! We’re screaming chemistry, art and food – and if you find your kitchen suddenly turned into a food lab, worry not! Your chef is simply having fun!

What other unique gift ideas do you have in mind for the guys?

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