5 Guests who might ruin your wedding

18th April, 2017

Wedding guests can take you by surprise, and when we say surprise, it’s usually the one that you’d want to forget but won’t…. ever.  Don’t let these folks upstage you and your moment. Beware:

The “comic relief”.

This is the person who thinks he or she has been bestowed the gift of a fantastic sense of timing and humour, but come on, you know the truth. They are terrible at this, so, do not ever give them speech duties!

The troubled.

This depends on how you define “troubled” – someone who is struggling with depression, just got divorced or a person who just hates parties?  Don’t let your wedding trigger flashbacks of their unfortunate events. Rethink about inviting these guests; however, if you wish to really see them on your big day, let a family member or a friend of yours keep them company during the celebrations.

The drinkers.

While some of them might add colour and fun to your wedding video by saying and doing the craziest stuff, they also might become the source of the most embarrassing damage to your big day. Speak to them about the alcohol intake, or, you can just limit the amount being served during the reception. Make sure you also assign someone to watch over them at the bar.

The exes.

To avoid controversy and further trouble, please don’t invite them, no matter how good friends you are after the break up.

The “enemies”.

If you have guests who you know don’t get along very well no matter what the situation is, be smart. Seat them farther apart from each other in order to avoid arguments.

Have you had any unruly wedding guests? Tell us your story!

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