5 gifts your mum will love this Mother’s Day

6th May, 2016

5 gifts your mum will love this Mother’s Day

We all know what Mother’s Day is all about – yes it’s showing some love for mum! Even if all you can afford is a simple card that spells out how much you appreciate and care about her, it’ll do just fine! For mum, it’s always the thought that counts.

However, when you’ve got the funds to indulge mum’s little wishes, go for it! However, most mums wouldn’t actually request for a present for this day. Most mums we know would just maybe like a good day off or a relaxing massage. Classy and classic!

Well , you can give her those and maybe some of these as well:

Nice jewelry

This is a no-brainer. We’d say do away with the clunky, oversized ones and go for the simple necklaces or perhaps a nice pair of earrings.

A boquet of her favourite blooms

Check out your local florist if they have mum’s favourite flowers. If they don’t ,there’s always an online florist who will be able to provide you with them or with even more floral selections and deliver them right to mum’s address.

The comfiest sandals or shoes ever

Choose the neutral colours that will pair well with anything in mum’s closet. Comfortable footwear for mums who are always on the move is always a big plus!

A tablet or e-reader

Getting subtle hints from mum about this? Why not splurge when you have the budget? The iPad Mini 4 will do the job well if she likes Apple products, although of course, there are other more affordable options out there.


If mum is an avid reader, perhaps a monthly book subscription will make her very happy! Many online sites like OwlCrate can ship internationally and offers a wide variety of books that mum can choose from. Let her dig into her favourite reads – the joy of reading new books every month will definitely make her happy!

To all the SuperMums out there, have a lovely Mother’s Day. Enjoy!

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